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We are celebrating our 10th Anniversary! Starting on March 12 for 123 days AutoMapa is available at special prices discounted even up to 30%!AutoMapa Android lets you avoid traffic jams and other disruptions on Polish roads with LiveDrive! technology. The starting package offers 7-day navigation in Poland and Europe plus map and POI browsing without time limits.You can then extend your licence in a convenient way☛ AutoMapa Polska:✓ 7 days: PLN 9.99✓ 90 days: PLN 36.99✓ one year: PLN 89.99☛ AutoMapa Europe (map of Poland included):✓ 7 days: PLN 16.99✓ 90 days: PLN 59.99✓ one year: PLN 149.99The licence is for one Android device.Note! Internet access is required during the first installation in order to download maps and other data.★ INNOVATION AND EXPERIENCE ★AutoMapa features the most accurate navigation plans for cities and towns, AutoMapa Traffic system, Lane Guidance, 3D buildings and address points, over 680,000 Points of Interest (POI) and a voice recording by the Polish rally driver Krzysztof Hołowczyc. AutoMapa has been helping drivers for the last 10 years and is the most renowned and award-winning Polish navigation program.★ MAIN FEATURES ★☛ BEAT THE TRAFFIC!✓AutoMapa Android combines off-line maps and on-line traffic data in the most effective way. The maps are always available, even outside GSM or Wi-Fi coverage. The LiveDrive! Technology lets the navigation system allow for current traffic circumstances, including automatic traffic direction switching and temporary road closing/opening.✓Traffic forecasts (SmartRoutes function), based on the data collected from other drivers. The data is collected daily from over 4 million kilometres travelled in Poland.✓Current data on traffic and disruptions (LiveDrive!) sent every 2 minutes.✓SmartRoutes combined with LiveDrive! for smart route mapping.✓Visualisation of traffic density and any disruptions.☛ TECHNOLOGY AND DATA✓New intuitive User Interface✓Broad selection of route types and navigation modes✓Traffic Lane Assistant✓“Door-to-door” navigation using address points and more than 680,000 Points of Interest (POI)✓List of 500 most dangerous traffic points in Poland developed with the Polish National Police and Krzysztof Hołowczyc’s “Safe Driver” Foundation✓Complete list of railroad crossings developed with the Polish State Railways (PKP)✓Warnings about traffic radars, speed cameras, police cars with video cameras and other objects on the map✓CB Radio support (milepost information)☛ MAPS OF EUROPE BY NAVTEQ FOR 1Q2013For detailed information about the map coverage in Europe, please visit our website at any time:☛ THE MOST ACCURATE MAPS OF POLAND IN VERSION 2013.06✓100% coverage of roads leading to places of residence✓roads of all categories – more than 626,000 km✓unpaved roads – more than 336,000 km✓motorways (including both carriageways and exits) – 2988 km✓villages and settlements – more than 116,000✓town and city navigation maps – 60,000✓town and city maps with building outlines and address points – 7170✓city maps with building outlines and address points – 908✓percentage of urban population covered by address points – 100%✓cities, towns and villages with complete street lists – 6999✓towns and villages with 3D buildings (including height) – 1056✓individual building outlines (2D and 3D) – 3.1 million✓individual building outlines (3D) – 1.3 million✓address points for individual buildings – 3.3 million☛ TOPOGRAPHIC DATA✓lakes – more than 53,000✓rivers and watercourses (canals, etc.) – more than 137,000 km✓detailed views of forests and green areas – more than 158,000✓railway lines âÂ

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